Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bombardier's One-Wheeled Motorcycle

Geez...where to start? I can think of few things more absurd and unsafe than a one-wheeled motorcycle. I mean seriously the sheer ridiculousness of this creation...Was Bombardier designing a motorized unicycle or a one-wheeled motorcycle? Either way who in the hell is going to even buy this concept? I know...I know, this thing must be a super efficient "Green Machine" that's made of specialized fuel cells, which probably run off of your own pee, or maybe this is a truly advanced piece of machinery that will just allow you to fart in a tube for extra miles per gallon. That's what I think of this thing anyway, point blank, it's a fart machine. I promise you this, I will shit my pants and eat my words the day I see some circus clown riding a motorized unicycle down the sidewalk...you have my word.

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Anonymous said...

It's self balancing like a Segway right?