Saturday, August 16, 2008

High Point University Hires Hype Man

Mr. Roger Clodfelter has been dubbed the world's first scholastical flavor flav. High Point University has given the man the official title of, "Director Of Wow." What a sweet gig. This guys job is to create hype for the university by coming up with clever gimmicks like putting an ice cream truck on campus that gives away free ice cream, starting a concierge service for the dorm rooms, live music in the dining area where they serve gourmet food, setting up a kiosk that gives away free drinks, and putting in a hot tub in the middle of campus. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Booooooooooyyyyyyyyyy! It sounds like all the makings of a kick ass rap video. Free drinks, music, a hot tub, and the Ice Cream Man. Little John would be proud.

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Bstone said...

I feel like the Director of WOW is kind of like being the fan-enthusiasm guy at a Single A baseball game (namely: Spaz from the Hoppers).

It seems like it might be fun and you just run around acting the fool, but in the end, it's incredibly degrading.

Daddy Green Jeans said...

one word...WOW!

Ryck said...

Comfortable in his skin, beautiful looking gifted actor, charismatic, rich, respected among his peers, enjoying his life, did I say rich and good looking?, oh, and rich and good looking, so yep, I guess to all you greenies he must be gay.