Tuesday, August 26, 2008

European Death Metal

If you take away the guitar and bass, this shit sounds like Gollum talking while an old lady feverishly transcribes his gibberish with a typewriter. Those drums are fucking awful. You gotta love the concept though. Four weirdos in robes with girl hair and make-up pretending to play their instruments while standing in a wet hole.

And that has to be the worst zombie make-up ever. I bet his kid sister worked really hard to make him look that scary. She probably filmed this shit too. I love how they stand with their legs as far apart as possible. It looks like they are trying to lay a log in the leaves but they've got one hung.

It's so sweet how they all take a nap together under the oak tree after they finish summoning the death metal demons. It reminds me of one those blustery days in the Hundred Acre Woods where Pooh and Eeyore take a nice afternoon snooze after gorging on honey and thistle.

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Unknown said...

wow, this is really the worst of the worst, haha

Anonymous said...

This isn't death metal, you can tell cause sometimes the trees are playing the instruments. Trees play black metal exclusively. And there are far far worse bands. These guys are actually bordering on the decent.