Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ohh Noo Diddy Can't Afford To Fuel His Private Jet

How long do you think it's going to take before this guy starts spinning the backlash from this into some stupid MTV reality show. They'll have Diddy pumping free gas for people while Farnsworth Bentley holds that stupid fucking umbrella up his ass. Or grabbing people out of the airport and giving them a free ride in his jet.

This guy is the worst kind of whore. If it weren't for Biggie, this no talent ass clown really would be pumping gas now. The only skills this guy possesses is having creative friends. He just whores them out and sits back and makes all the money.

But in the end, his hubris will be his downfall. I don't condone at all the fact that this guy is going to catch so much shit for this clip because I think we are way to sensitive about these kinds of things. But I can't wait to see this tool sucking the big media dick when everyone turns on him.

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