Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Army Working On New Mobile Laser Weapon

This thing sounds like a badass GI Joe vehicle. If they could figure out how to make the tires out of giant saw blades, I believe this thing would be unstoppable. The laser weapon works like a giant blaster rifle that can knock out missiles, artillery shells and incinerate a human being in a split second. The army just gave Boeing a $36 million dollar contract to continue work on this new age weapon. Boeing has apparently contracted a young group of scientists to pioneer this new laser technology. Pictured below to the left are two of America's finest young scientific minds performing an experiment attempting to bring the laser's power to the 100 watts it needs to be classified as weapons grade. We would hate to just melt the enemies face off, God knows we need the skull turned into a pile of dust too.

To the right is the cockblocker that's trying to fuck up our new kick-ass death machine because he can't get any dicks to suck with those creepy braces.

With all new technology, there are going to be a few setbacks. And when you're dealing with high powered lasers, You are going to have some real expensive setbacks. Just ask the Jones family whose house is pictured below.

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Anonymous said...

my favorite 80's movie hands down