Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jonas Brothers - Where's the Parental Advisory?

The Jonas Brothers...what a cup of suck. Am I crazy or have we seen this before people? Anyone out there old enough to remember New Kids on the Block or Hanson? These guys (girls?) have MMMBopped their way to the top of the charts...the gay charts. I mean come on; kids are actually listening to these pederasses. When I was growing up parents were worried about what we were listening to. I know you guys remember the parental advisories. So how in the hell did these guys slip under our Gaydar? We should have learned the first time when Donnie Wahlberg got caught suckin' a dong or when the Hanson brothers got caught in an incestual orgy. Ok, so those things didn't happen, but they damn sure could have. Parents are sitting back and doing nothing, while the Jonas Brothers are programming our youth to be a bunch of pencil lickers and then wondering why Little Johnny only wants to hang out with dudes. Where is the Parental Advisory on this crap?

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