Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Polar Bear's Poo Is Another Man's Treasure

Talk about capturing the moment. First of all people, don't polar bears normally relieve themselves on land (...well ice anyway)? I mean the cloud of poo that bear lets out only spells one thing here, diiaaarrrrhhheea! He must of been pretty embarassed, seeing as how he couldn't get to the bathroom and what not. Put yourself in the bear's shoes here, he's having unbelievable stomach cramps while trying to get to the crapper when, "uh oh...oh my god, oh damn...can't stop, aahhhhh (a sigh of bitter relief)", only to look over and see some jerk capturing his dirty moment on camera..."Shit!" Pardon the pun...

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I think this posting also needs to be on I give it a 12!!