Monday, October 27, 2008

Put A Boot In My Ass. Toby Keith Supports Obama!

It's been way too long since we have been graced with the sweet sweet sounds of Country music's patriotic American anthems. Songs like "Courtesy of the Red, White, And Blue," by Toby Keith, "Have You Forgotten?" by Darryl Worly, or "Where were you(when the world stopped turnin')" by Alan Jackson changed Country music forever.

Country music is no longer just about heartache, gettin' drunk, or Boot Scootin' Achy Breakin' Chattahoochie Watermelon crawls. It is now educational and informative. So for those of you that couldn't tell me "the difference between Iraq and Iran," and don't care to base your opinions on anything more than the catch phrase repeating, out of touch, knuckle dragging hayseeds you normally hang out with well then here's another video from the other side so you can't say tried to sway you one way or another. Leave that to our Foot Stompin', Hillbilly Heroes. Yeeehaw and yeeeuuugggghhhhhh!

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