Thursday, November 13, 2008

Renegade Advertiser

I was driving around this afternoon looking for a place to have lunch. As I exited the highway into a very busy commercial area, I saw a young gentleman standing on the sidewalk carrying a Circuit City Sale sign. The only reason this even registered in my mind was that earlier that day, a customer of mine told me Circuit City will be closing 150 stores due to bankruptcy.

I realized that this was obviously one of those stores and this guy was probably getting $50 bucks to stand out here for a day. If he was smart, he might even be hiding a little flask in his pocket and making the best of the fresh air. At least this gig wouldn't be as undignified as those assholes that stand on the corner during tax season wearing those degrading lady liberty suits.

After a quick lunch, as I head back towards the main road, I get stuck in a bit of a traffic jam. Apparently, there was a four car pile-up that was blocking my ability to turn right to get back on the highway. As I approach the accident, who do I see standing right in the middle of the damn road at the last car in this pile-up? That dumb asshole with the Circuit City Clearance sign wearing a face mask to hide his shameless shit-head grin.

Just a couple of notes of detail. As you can see from the photo, this guy is really standing in the middle of this extremely busy intersection. The most opportune place you could possibly be if you want to show off your advertisement. You will also note the other two guys standing next to the truck are wearing short-sleeves. The hood and the face mask were not at all appropriate for the weather. It was easily sixty-five degrees.

I have to give this guy some credit for his tenacity. It takes a lot of balls to exploit the suffering of complete strangers. Which begs the question, why would this guy make this bold step for a throwaway job with so little responsibility, his only competition is a stake?

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Becky said...

Maybe he's working for the competition? It's a good way for people to get irked by the guy (and the brand associated with him). I can't really understand it, either.

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Mylie said...

Doing that would just annoy people. Sure, he got the message across, but not in a good way. I'd rather go with something more pleasing, like 3D advertising.